Saturday, 18 February 2012

Six Pics On Saturday

Been painting my African Princess and here's the progress I've made on her - not finished and not sure of a few things....  hmm I think her chest may be a little too big.....

Beautiful sunsets this week:

Scorpion in the house - normally be get very small ones but this one was 7cm, nearly 3 inches long:


  1. I love your African lady, and I agree ... her chest does look a bit huge (maybe I'm just jealous). I do love her though.

  2. I accidentally deleted this comment when on my iPad. :(

    Creatively yours Fi has left a new comment on your post "Six Pics On Saturday":

    I think she's gorgeous!! You have such a gift with colours :))

  3. Lovely all around! Personally, I think her chest is balancing her headdress pretty well! Seems you have an "abundance issue" going here, big boobies, big scorpion, and larger than life sunsets! Hope everything keeps going your way!


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