Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Neil Elliott Workshop

Today was week 2 of the Neil Elliott workshop that I'm attending.  Neil is a local mixed media/abstract artist who's work I've admired since seeing it at the community centre art sale 18 months ago.  I find myself nodding when he speaks about painting - building up layers, using colour intuitively and have learnt so much so far.

Neil brought in his Flying Pig painting today to show us how he has built up the layers of texture on the surface of the painting. 

This is me with my creation (can you guess what this one's going to be??) and here is my other one:

and this is the texture prior to the colour..

Lastly I just wanted to share with you the awesome space we are working in at the new Youth Centre - it's light and bright and air conditioned....

I'm really inspired and look forward to working on my paintings during the next week.

How are all your workshops and online courses going?


  1. So fun! I love to see your paintings from the beginning and how you transform them into the beauties that are so you. So much fun.

    I am trying to balance my online class life with my full time day job and then just life in general - - I honestly feel like I have multiple personalities sometimes. :) xoxo

  2. How exciting! The class sounds wonderful and like you have a great instructor. Can't wait to see how your paintings turn out. Your work is beautiful!

  3. I love this new painting. I admire how you are always learning. If fact I just added my word to the Word Hop, and I am concentrating my energies on growth and transformation. I love that you seem to be always doing the same.

    Right now you painting resembles lace on the parts you’ve sketched in! So now I see pretty pink flowers and lace! Can’t wait to see what the transformation holds for you.

  4. That looks so fun! I am about to start Flora Bowley's ecourse this week (I think it starts this week.) I haven't taken a a painting class since my art degree in the 90's!

  5. That looks like a great class!! Enjoy it and thanks for sharing your artwork in progress!!

  6. This looks like a class I would love to take!

  7. Oh wow! His work is fun to be able to participate in such a lovely space too!! I look forward to seeing your processes and finished products!

  8. Great artworks, you are so prolific! Hey that's me in the workshop photo - so I hope you don't mind Michelle that I've borrowed the pic for my blog. See you in class next week, happy painting!


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