Sunday, 24 May 2015

Mixed Media Flip Tags with Vanessa Priestly

I have created these mixed media flip tags with direction from Vanessa Priestly in one of the arty FB groups I belong to.

The challenge was to create 12 months of inspiration and encouragement to remind ourselves each month about how wonderful and special we are.

Due to my ill health I used what collage pieces etc that I had, no rushing to the shops to buy anything due to my medication, but this was all part of the fun.  I used manilla folders for my tags and sprayed them with inks.  Then found some serivettes/napkins and gelli prints to collage on as well as lace and other happy mail ephemera I have received.  Yes, I created more than 12 as 16 was how many the folders turned  Ribbon threaded through the top hole looks great too.

In a similiar vein I'm going to try to do ICAD 2015 - Index Card A Day 2105 - in June and July - with Daisy Lemon.  Last year I used index cards to clean my brayer whilst gelli printing and I gelli printed onto some of them and collaged so I would have some backgrounds started for this years challenge...this should be fun as I'll be using what I've got and I've never done it before.

Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

National Myeloma Day 2015

Today is National Myeloma Day where we make people aware of what Myeloma is - also known as multiple myeloma it is cancer of the plasma cells. I have 'Magic' Myeloma because I know it's going to disappear!  :D

I found out I had Myeloma through a blood test which showed I had high paraprotein levels.  After seeing a Haemotologist and more tests I had a CT Scan which showed lesions on bones in my chest are and lower spine which were causing a lot of pain.  Many older people find out they have Myeloma when they break a bone and x-rays show lesions.

The doctors are looking  for the common symptoms of multiple myeloma which are CRAB: C = Calcium (elevated), R = Renal failure, A = Anemia, B = Bone pain/lesions. And I had the bone lesions and pain.

I started cycle 2 of my chemo yesterday, it was delayed a week due to a high temp and infection and the Dr put me on antibiotics.  I'm feeling ok, I'm walking nice and straight, not wobbly as I was a few weeks ago like a drunk old lady. I still have my hair but more is falling out than usual but I have been blessed with thick who knows....

Hope all is well in your world, take care, Mxxx

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chemo Cycle 1 Finito

Hi Everyone,

Girl 3 - watercolour paper and paints, pens and pencils.
A5 = 148 × 210 mm or 5.83 × 8.27 inches.  

I have finished my first cycle of chemo and start the next cycle next week.  I'm doing well but the pain in my lower back has increased and that limits my mobility and sense of humour too.  My rash on my upper body has gone and I still have my hair for now.....

I have created a few more girls....see above and below...
Girl 4 - Watercolour paper, Copic Markers, pens and pencils. 
A5 = 148 × 210 mm or 5.83 × 8.27 inches. 
Before and after photos - added a layer of colour to the cheek area.....not too sure about it....I don't like the hard lines...I used Copic Markers....

I bought a fundraising colouring in book - The Breathing to a new Beat Technicolour Dream Book - and have had a fun time colouring in other people's artwork - and it's fun for them to see their art coloured in too. The art is printed on cardstock and only one side so I don't have to worry about the markers bleeding through.  :D

I have started a new series of girls which I will unveil next week...or you could check out Instagram for a sneak peak....


Take care....Mxxx