Saturday, 31 December 2016

Reflections on 2016

Reflections on 2016.....

Highlights of 2016:

Art I created this year

Art is You - Art Retreat
Ever After
Nursery Art For Sale

Holiday to Germany:

2016 Roundscapes Calendar

Health News - I'm doing very well, still have numb feet from the peripheral neuropathy but I'm going fine.
I hope you all had a good 2016 and have a great 2017, I'll be back tomorrow with my One Little Word for 2017.
Love and hugs, Shells....

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nursery Art and Milky's Miracles

After my niece, Alysha Chappell, opened her online baby boutique called Milky's Miracles I was inspired to create some art for a baby's nursery.
Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel
30 x 30cm, 12" x 12"
For Sale $35

I've used 12 inch/30 cm square wooden panels for the substrate and have collaged using my own monoprints to create these cute one of a kind artworks to brighten up a baby's room.

 Butterfly, Owl, Ladybird
Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel
30 x 30cm, 12" x 12"
For Sale $35 each or $90 for 3

 Fish, Whale, Boat
Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel
30 x 30cm, 12" x 12"
For Sale $35 
Here is what the sides and back of the panels looks like:
Milky's Miracles has five cute collections of clothing for boys, girls and unisex as well as footwear and a teething collection which is an awesome idea and something that wasn't available when my boys were babies in the 90's.
 "Alysha founded Milky's Miracles in 2016 after the birth of her first son Logan.  Her love of fashion made the decision to open her first online boutique an easy one.  With the opportunity to provide affordable quality clothing and accessories for her son and friends that is stylish and comfortable expanded quickly into a beautiful online store with a passion for their customers." - Milky's Miracles website.

So check out the website as the clothes are affordably priced and so very cute.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Myeloma and Art Update

This time last year I was in hospital recovering from a Stem Cell Transplant due to my Multiple Myeloma so I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on any art I've created over the past few months and my health.
Petra, Mixed Media
Gift for my cousin Petra.


I've been doing an online course called Ever After which has a variety of teachers creating artworks related to Fairy Tales.

Here they are in a variety of stages of completion.  I intended to create one piece at a time but got bored waiting for paint to dry so started on another.....  They have been great fun to make and I've learned so much from the talented teachers.


My Multiple Myeloma has been in remission for over a year though treatment has continued this year.  I was taking Thalidomide but my Peripheral Nueropathy has advanced to a stage where it is better to stop the medication so the nerves can get better or I would reach the point of no return which would leave me with pins and needles or it feels like you're walking on glass - for the rest of my life.  At the moment my toes are numb and my feet and legs have a slight numbness - but they can still feel the cold.


I August I went Germany and spent a week in Hamburg with a friend and then hopped on a train 2 hours south-west to visit family for a week.

 I'm looking forward to creating more art in the Ever After online class as well as to the warmer weather and Spring arriving.  Take care, love and hugs,  Shells xxx

Monday, 25 July 2016

Art is You...Perth

I recently attended the Art is You Australian Mixed Media Roadshow in Pinjarra, 1 1/2 hours south of Perth and had an awesome time.
Created in Andrea Matus deMeng's In Your Face class using one of her face stencils from Stencil Girl.

I took classes with Andrea Matus deMeng - Power Play and In Your Face

and Seth Apter - Collage Camp and 52 Card Pickup.

Everyone was friendly, encouraging and inspiring. It was great to be able to chat with the teachers after dinner and get to know them better.

If you get a chance to attend one of these classes then you will love it too. I learned so much and can't wait to put into practice all the new techniques I have learned.

Health News:  I'm doing really well and am still in remission.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Art and News

In January I did some art journalling, created some girls and started crocheting.

I've joined Guada's Art Club - I've really enjoyed and learnt from Guada's classes in the past so I couldn't wait to join her club and loved the first class which was in the middle of the month - creating art work inspired by Rex Ray.

Here's what's involved - If you havent read about the club let me tell you a bit about it.

I provide two kind of video lessons each month:
  • Every 15 of the month I share an inspirational video based on an artist, a color scheme, a pattern, a picture or anything that makes me steo out of my comfort zone.
  • Every 30 of the month I share an instructional video where I share mixed media, portraits, drawing, watercolor techniques my way.
As a member you also have access to coloring pages, collage papers, backgrounds to print and collage :)
Rex Ray inspired art work using scrapbooking papers and monoprints.
I'm going to some art workshops in July. Art is You 2016 Australian Mixed Media Roadshow is coming to Pinjarra - an hour and half from Perth. Such a great opportunity and I will be going to classes with Seth Apter and Andrea Matus deMeng. 
Monoprints I've created this month.



Health News - I had a bone marrow biopsy and blood tests in the past couple of weeks and get the results from the haemotologist next week - to see if the stem cell transplant worked and the cancer is still dormant.

This year I'll probably only blog a couple of times per month, I'll concentrate on getting enough granny squares crocheted to make a rug by I have crocheted 4 squares so far!
Ciao for now....

Friday, 1 January 2016

Heal OLW 2016

I have chosen the word HEAL to be my One Little Word/theme/mantra for 2016. I decided on this word after reflecting on this year and what I needed for next year.

In March I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - cancer of the plasma cells. This year I have had a few cycles of chemo and in September I had nasty nasty chemo followed by a stem cell transplant and have been recovering from that ever since. Next year I just need to let my body heal and get stronger and healthier and that is what I will be focused on.

I am Artist of the Month for an art journaling group I'm in and have decided to guide the group through One Little Word 2016.

One Little Word started with Ali Edwards and here's a quote from her blog:

About One Little Word®

A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.
In 2006 I began a tradition of choosing one word for myself each January – a word to focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life. My words have included play, peace, vitality, nurture, story, light, up, open and thrive. These words have each become a part of my life in one way or another. They've been imbedded into who I am and into who I'm becoming. They've been what I've needed most (and didn't know I needed). They've helped me to breathe deeper, to see clearer, to navigate challenges, and to grow.
I hope you'll consider joining me for the next One Little Word® workshop in January 2015 here at
Check out all my blog posts regarding One Little Word® here.
Click here to read a FAQ and more details about this project.

1. Decide on your word.

You need to choose a word that resonates with you, instead of having a New Year's Resolution you choose a word for the year.  For a list of words check out Ali's blogpost here.

My word for 2015 was Focus. My word for 2014 was Grow.  My word for 2013 was Believe. My word for 2012 was Courage.

Activity 1 -  I used one of my little books for the activities but an art journal is ideal too. Write/doodle/decorate/stamp your word.

 2. Define your word.

Activity 2 - Find a definition of your word that suits your purpose and write these definitions in your journal.

HEAL - to become healthy, whole or sound, free from ailment.
- to mend
- to get well

3. How will you apply your word?

Activity 3 - write how you will apply your word over the year as this will help you to make it happen.

4. Quotes with your word in it.

Activity 4 - this is where Pinterest is helpful and google.  Find a quote with your word in it that speaks to you and write/doodle/decorate it in your journal.

HEAL - "The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy."

5. Song Lyrics with your word in it.

Activity 5 - if you can find a song with your word in it that speaks to you then this is sometimes easier to remember throughout the year.

These song lyrics don't really apply but they are from one of my favourite songs:

"These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase." - My Immortal - Evanescence.

6. Scripture with your word in it.

Activity 6 - If you enjoy the Bible/Scripture then you might be able to find a verse that speaks to you, even though it doesn't have your word in it, it may relate to your theme.

I like Isaiah 33:2 And no resident will say "I am sick", as well as 1 Peter 5:10 'He will make you strong.'

7. Create a bookmark.

Activity 7 - create a bookmark with your word on it and keep it in your planner journal so you see it throughout the year. I started with a rectangle of gelli printed cardstock, you could use manilla folder or an index card, then I covered it in stamps and a border and washi tape on it and then used my gel pen and stamps to write the word and scripture on it, then added ribbon. I kept on going until I was happy.

8. Pinterest Board.

Activity 8 - Each year I create a Pinterest board for my word and pin related pins.  It's fun and inspirational especially for the activities.

Here are my boards: HealFocus, Grow, Believe.

Ladies, I hope you have fun with these activities, I recommend the first four to get the most out of your OLW, but the more you do the fun it will be.

Have  a great 2016!!!