Friday, 29 March 2013

Two Yachts at Anchor

My latest mixed media painting was inspired by a photograph my brother/sister-in-law took whilst sailing between Darwin and Indonesia.  It is also a house-warming gift for them whilst they anchor on dry land and fix their yacht and save up some money to continue on in their journey.

Here are some evolution pics!!

In the third pic I had to put another layer of tissue paper over the blue paint and tissue paper.

I'm looking forward to putting on a couple of layers of gloss varnish and bringing out the colours more.  Then I'll post some more pics.

I'm reluctant to show you the photo that inspired this painting because....well, I want you to see this painting as an entity on it's own and not compare it to the photo as I've made changes in scale/proportion.

Here's a couple of close up shots:

Have a great weekend everybody.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Emerging Artists' Exhibition Opening Night

Last night was the esordio>debut>beginning exhibition Opening Night at the Zig Zag Gallery in Kalumunda.  It was also two years ago to the day that I went down to Nanga, Dwellingup to the Flora Bowley Bloom True Art Workshop.  I had five paintings on display and I sold one and received some positive feedback so it was a great night.  Many thanks to Marilyn Keys and the staff at the Zig Zag Cultural Centre Art gallery for this great opportunity.

Here are some pics:

The five paintings:

Memories from two years ago:

Top Left - Me with Flora and Donna Heart.
Top right - Flora with the paintings she created over that weekend.
Bottom Left - 'Follow Your Passion' 30" x 40" 76cm x 101cm
Bottom right - 'Live Your Dream' 30' x 30' 76cm x 76cm

These were the biggest paintings I had ever created at the time, originally I hated them as they didn't look like Flora's or a typical Flora style painting but I came to love them and am glad that I have my own style of painting.  Flora's workshop opened up my artistic world to one which uses tools other than brushes - foam brushes, kitchen sponge, bubble wrap, rubber matting and other found objects such as lids, corks as well as stencils.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

esordio>debut>beginning Exhibition Invite

A couple of months ago I heard about an Emerging Artists' Exhibition so I put on my brave girl boots and rang the gallery and left them my website address. They phoned me back and said yes they'd like me to exhibit so I've been busy painting, varnishing and getting my paintings ready.

The opening night is this Friday, 22nd March at 6:30pm at the Zig Zag Gallery, 50 Railway Road, Kalamunda.

Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to view the works of these emerging artists at

The Zig Zag Gallery Kalamunda

Vicki Lee Johnston Botanical Artist

Katalin Dobos Textiles

Michelle Reynolds Acrylic on Canvas

Julia Sutton Hot Wax Encaustic

Carolyn McIntosh Acrylic on Canvas

Ian Kaye Found Sculptural

Yesterday I wrapped up my paintings and dropped them at the gallery.

On Tuesday I wrapped up two paintings to go to the Beverley Art Show which will be held over the Easter Weekend.

So I've been busy and it's all been happening here which is all very exciting as well as scary and nerve-wracking.  Wish me luck, all the best, send out positive vibes and good ju-ju that I sell a couple of my babies, oops I mean paintings. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Shells' Sunday Snippets

Joining in with {tinniegirl} for {sunday snippets} a collection of photos from your week... no need for words... let the pictures tell your story.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Six Thoughts on Sunday

1. Well, it's not Sunday here but Monday but it's still Sunday in the States.  :D

2.  Life has been busy and things have been happening here. Settling into a new routine and lifestyle, making changes for the better even though I don't want to. The reason for these changes is that my hubby and I are off to Europe in late May for a few months riding around on our motorbike.  We've been saving and planning this for years as a 25th Wedding Anniversary present.

3. I got my haircut - the shortest it's been in 10 years!  It will be much easier to manage short -it won't get tangled so much and it will be quicker to wash and dry.

4.  I've also cut down on sugars and am drinking rosehip tea and doing the C25K - Couch to 5 kms app on the iphone.  I've always been more of a bookworm than an exercise nut so the running is really hard for me - hate it in fact.  Good news is I've lost 4kgs/8.8lb!!! I still have another 4-6kgs to go before we leave on our trip.  Eeek!

5.  I applied to a local gallery having an Emerging Artists Exhibition and was accepted.  I've created 2 new paintings for the exhibition and part of one of them is above and am creating another hexagonal fish painting.  Here's part of it - decided to do some long fish this time - and some have accidental lips and smiles.  :D

6.  I'm thinking about organising an art retreat to connect with other artists....just thinking at this stage....

Have a great week...I'm hoping the Gelli Arts Plate that I ordered arrives today so I shall be back later this week showing you all the different pages I've made.