Sunday, 31 August 2014

New Painting

Here's my latest painting - I'm not sure if it's finished yet - deciding whether I should outline the stencilled area with black. What do you think?  I'm lacking a lot of confidence lately when it comes to my paintings...Are they good enough to exhibit?

Here's the painting with my stencil on it:

Here's the different layers - as you can see it started out as a landscape painting....

If you're like me and trying to get your mojo back then try these:

1.  Flora Bowley's Boot Camp - it's free and it's aimed at reinvigorating your creativity - and there's a giveaway to her e-course!

2.  Tracy Verdugo is giving away some places on her e-course too!

3. Into drawing faces/portraits - the 29 Faces Sept 2014 starts on Sept 1st.

Have fun!!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Retreat, Paint, Restore

Last Friday I traveled to Nornalup in the south west of Western Australia, about 6 hours and 456.25kms/283 miles away to attend the Retreat, Paint, Restore art retreat hosted by Leanne Fry who I met in March 2011 at the Flora Bowley Workshop, and the tutor was Jenni Doherty.

It was an awesome weekend and I had a great time along with eight other ladies. Leanne and her friend Marie were fabulous hostesses and superb cooks. Jenni was a lot of fun and an informative teacher too. I was greeted with a chocolate brownie, thick cream and a cup of tea in this mug!  <3

Here's the painting I created over the weekend:

Nornalup Gum Leaves, Triptych, 30cm x 30cm, 12" x 12"

We created layers using moulding paste, washes and glazes.

Here is Jenni's painting - I liked it at step 4 but Jenni wasn't happy with it so she kept on working it until she was which was a good lesson for us.:

Here's some other yummy pics:

And some great scenery down south too:

I had a really great time - meeting up with my tribe/art community, meeting online friends for the first time and making new friends, learning new techniques and being spoilt with yummy food.  The weather was great too - the morning cloud lifted to a fine and sunny day.  Some ladies even had a massage!!

If you ever get the chance to go to an art retreat then go, go, go....  Put your brave girl boots on and pack up up your paints and your camera and you will have a great time esp if you can go to Retreat, Paint, Restore.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gum Leaves - Gelli Prints and Mixed Media

Many artists have a particular style and create a variety of works in that style. But not me. Unfortuantely.  I've picked a subject and created artwork in different mediums - gelli plate, mixed media and acrylic using a layering/block out technique.

Gum Leaves 1 - Gelli Prints

I created some gelli prints as I wanted to print onto canvas using my scrunched up paper technique for texture, so these were experimental.  I placed the gum leaves onto the gelli plate then pulled the print and then took the leaves off to create the second/ghost print.

Here's the small canvas I experimented on - previously I had collaged sewing patterns onto it and done some washes and dry brushing over it. I didn't press down hard enough in certain places for the paint to lift off the plate and onto the canvas.

Gum Leaves 2 - Mixed Media

Gum Leaves 2, Mixed Media, 61cm x 92cm, 24" x 36"

This painting originally looked like this, it was part of a series that I did in 2012.

I used soft pastel to outline the leaves, then I cut out greaseproof paper to mask off the leaves before placing it onto the gelli plate to created the white background.  I had to do this 6 times and when the paint is on the plate you have to move that canvas quick to get it on there before the paint dries. I don't think I'll be doing that technique again as the scrunched up paper texture didn't really show through - this is probably due to the sewing pattern I collaged onto the canvas being very textural/bumpy.

I then painted some washes over the white section and then used a brayer/roller with a dark colour (phalo turquoise) to pick up the bumps in the paper for a more textured look.

The left hand leaf could probably use a little more contrast to highlight it more so I'll think about that...

Here's a couple of detailed photos to try and see the sewing patterns underneath:

Gum Leaves 3 - Acylics - layering and block out technique.

So I grabbed another painting I had started but not yet finished and covered it in warm colours then cool colours then pastels then stamped all over it and here's where it's at (I actually find this very freeing otherwise the painting sits there and shouts out FAILURE!!!! everytime I walk past it - instead it should shout out FINISH ME!! PLEASE!!):

What's next??  Well, tune in later in the week and find out!!!  (By then I shall know too!)  :D

PS  Do you love creating gelli prints?  Want a place to discuss gelli printing?  To show off your work?  Share your ideas? Discuss the pros and cons of different paints/paper/plates/tools etc?  Get some great ideas on what to do with the thousands of prints you have created?
Inspire and be inspired as a part of the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group. I would love for you to join me there.