Thursday, 31 December 2020

Reflections on 2020

 Well, what a year 2020 turned out to be.... with covid keeping us close to home we spent many weekends hiking in the local national park.

I spent winter crocheting blankets, my favourite being a baby blanket as our daughter in law is having our grandson in late January 2021.

I took an online art course - Kaleidoscope 2020 - as well as a couple of other free courses too....

And I had fun creating gel print collage landscapes....

Holidays - we went up north for a week to see the wildflowers...

Health - my multiple myeloma returned to the point where I needed treatment and have been taking chemo tablets for 6 months and am in remission and will continue on the maintenance dose until it returns.

All the best for 2021 - my One Little Word will be Family as we are celebrating the birth of our grandson in January ..... so excited.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Reflections on 2019

Reflections on 2019

The best day this year was in March - my son's wedding day.

Here are some of the landscape gel print collages I have created this year as well as my Index Card A Day 2019....

My multiple myeloma is returning. My paraprotein levels were at zero from July 2015 until May 2019 then they increased to two and are now at three which is so very low but it means it's coming back but I will have no treatment until the level is much higher.

In July I was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer and had a total Thyroidectomy and neck dissection to remove my thyroid and 45 lymph nodes on the right hand side of my neck of which 10 were cancerous so it had begun to spread. My scar is looking much better my neck is still swollen - lymphodema - as the fluid doesn't know where to go. It has been difficult to cope with physically and mentally too.

In September we took our new camper trailer up north to the Pilbara. We went to Australia's largest rock, Mt Augustus then to Karajini National Park, Millstream and across to the coast to Coral Bay.

Wreath flower, Mt Augustus and Lyon River
Dales gorge, Karajini National Park
Dales Gorge and Fern Pool, Karajini

Circular Pool, Dales Gorge, Karajini
Coral Bay, Western Australia

In October we headed over to Tasmania with the camper trailer so my husband could compete in the national event of his moto sport. Tasmania was beautiful, three seasons in one day - autumn, winter and springing very much like the UK with mountains and green grass.
Crossing the Nullabor from Western Australia to Victoria we stopped at the Old Telegraph Station at Eucla,  the great Australian bight, the Penola windmills, Kymba grain silo art and Smoky Bay.
The Otway Ranges inVictoria.
The Great Lakes, Tasmania
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Friendly Beach, East coast, Tasmania
Coles Bay and Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
Tessalated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania
Coal mine residential buildings near Port Arthur, Tasmania
Port Arthur, Tasmania
Hobart, Cascade Brewery, Salamanca Markets, Tasmania
Russell Falls and a photobombing husband, Tasmania
Strahan - West Coast Wilderness Railway and Heritage cruises on Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania
Cradle mountain and a wombat, Tasmania
Sheffield - the mural town, Tasmania
Port Melbourne - ferry, Ballarat, Victoria

In 2020 we have plans to do more travelling in our camper trailer and hopefully no more health scares. Hope it's a good year for you. Take care, love and hugs, Shells.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Joy OLW 2019

I have chosen the word JOY to be my One Little Word/theme/mantra for 2019. I decided on this word after reflecting on 2018 and what I needed for 2019.

In previous years I have made little books to write my intentions in. Today I searched for those books and found the book for 2015 - I hadn't used it to it's fullest as I had become ill so I decided to reuse some of the pages and add a new front cover for 2019.

Here's my OLW 2019 book:

Here is the 2015 book for comparison:
What is you One Little Word for 2019? Hope you have a great year.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Reflections on 2018

Reflections on 2018....

Here is some of the art I created....

Mini collage landscapes...

Altered large playing cards...

Each month during the year I provided the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts FaceBook Group with a challenge/Inspiration...

We traveled to Europe for 3 months...

Health Update - it's been 4 years since my back started hurting due to Multiple Myeloma  and then the degenerative discs but this year has been good as I am still in remission and have had minimal back pain though it still occurs when I've overdone things - standing or sitting too long especially when creating art...

I hope you all had a good 2018 and have a great 2019, I'll be back tomorrow with my One Little Word for 2019.
Love and hugs, Shells.... 

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Creating Calendars

I have created a challenge per month for my Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook group.

December 2018 GPE Challenge/Inspiration is to create a 2019 Calendar using gel prints.

I have made them for several years now so I have several different techniques:

1.  Use a blank calendar and glue on some of gelli prints.  Easy squeasy!

2.  This is another type that I made.  I used this site to print out the months and I glued them onto A3 cardstock along with the gelli print and then created heaps of DIY washi tape and taped down the edges;

I used a hole punch to put a hole in the top and then added a hinged ring on this one and ribbon on the second one I made;

3. I used this site to print out the months and collaged prints onto the reverse - making sure they are the right way round. I made a cover picture then I took them to the local office supplies store and asked them to bind the calendars and they can also punch a hole in the top.