Friday, 17 February 2012

Been Painting

On Wednesday I went to Neil Elliott's Mixed Media/Abstract Painting Workshop and finished off my mixed media confetti trees.  They're ok, not brilliant, could be better but a great learning experience and this is why we go to workshops - to learn and to be inspired and to inspire and teach others.

Here's my finished painting:

And some evolution pics:

Here's Neil with his painting:  Putting Out the Dog

Yesterday I found a local metal artist named Inge and fell in love with her African Princess.  When I saw it a picture popped into my head of her painted in my acrylic layered style so I rushed out today and bought a canvas and have put down the base layers.  Next I have to draw her onto the canvas (eek) and block out around her leaving the bright colours for her dress.

Here's my drawing and canvas:

Have a great Friday and a great weekend too...I'll be back over the weekend with more pics...  :D

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  1. Your confetti trees are just gorgeous! Love your African princess too. So colorful with a bold personality.


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