Monday, 20 February 2012

Diptych Sneak Peek

Would you like a sneak peek at a diptych I'm working on???  Pop back later in the week after I've been to Neil Elliott's workshop and I'll show you the progress I made on them whilst there...

Nice Girl:

Mean Girl:

I'm looking forward to continuing creating these as well as the African Princess - another experimental piece.

So excited that the 30x30x30 Challenge has their blog up and running - take a peak at me Behind Curtain 1!!!


  1. So I'm assuming you're planning on painting over the writing? If so, how much will show through do you think or not at all? I've been wanting to do this so I could have handwriting peeking through on my paintings, so you have to show us how they end up!


  2. These are powerful and wonderful!! Love them


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