Saturday, 1 December 2018

Creating Calendars

I have created a challenge per month for my Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook group.

December 2018 GPE Challenge/Inspiration is to create a 2019 Calendar using gel prints.

I have made them for several years now so I have several different techniques:

1.  Use a blank calendar and glue on some of gelli prints.  Easy squeasy!

2.  This is another type that I made.  I used this site to print out the months and I glued them onto A3 cardstock along with the gelli print and then created heaps of DIY washi tape and taped down the edges;

I used a hole punch to put a hole in the top and then added a hinged ring on this one and ribbon on the second one I made;

3. I used this site to print out the months and collaged prints onto the reverse - making sure they are the right way round. I made a cover picture then I took them to the local office supplies store and asked them to bind the calendars and they can also punch a hole in the top.

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