Saturday, 3 November 2012

Life Book 2012 Wk44

I loved this weeks Life Book 2012 lesson with fellow Aussie Tracy Verdugo esp since it involved recreating her portals.

Here are my paintings - I decided to do 4 at once as it's fun and once you get into the swing of things then you get your own groove and style.

The first one is the only one with words and it says:

She found her voice, she sang her song loud and clear, she spoke the truth in her heart always...

This is my favourite portal painting of Tracy's:

Here is one of my portal/window paintings from last year:  Ribbon Town

And I also love Rosetta Santucci:

It was great to get my paint mojo back on, thanks Tracy!


  1. wonderful, these are so great,

  2. I was lucky enough to spend two days with Tracy here in the US, and have been hugely inspired ever since! Your pieces are wonderful! I love the choices of the final layers, especially the first turquoise-blue one. Paint on, inspired One! cheers!

  3. I love them all. I did a painting at Christmas with portals after seeing Tracy's portal painting. Well done! Xo

  4. They look fabulous Michelle :) How wonderful would it be to go on a week long retreat in Bali with Tracy verdugo?

  5. I always love seeing all of your beautiful creations!!! xo


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