Saturday, 6 October 2018

Usk to New Quay, Wales


After leaving our friend's house in Caldicott, Wales (just over the border from England) we went to Usk Castle built in the 13th Century.

We then took a wrong turn and found ourselves at Skenrith Castle.

After a quick check of the map we then headed west to the coast. Along the way we stopped at Cynghordy viaduct which is one of the most impressive feats of Victorian engineering. The viaduct spans a wide valley, with 18 arches built in sandstone and lined with brick and rising to a height of 31 metres above the valley floor.

We stayed at a small town near New Quay on Cardigan Bay which was a colourful seaside village. Welsh poet and writer, Dylan Thomas lived in New Quay during WWII.

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