Friday, 19 April 2013

What To Do With Gelli Prints

Wondering what to do with your gelli prints?  I've been searching for ideas from other blogs and artists and Pinterest.

1.  Start by buying some frames and framing them, the mat around the print finishes it off cleanly.

2. Add some meaningful words:

3. Bookmarks and Tags:

Mine are sticking together which may be due to the humidity or the glossy paint so if anyone has any suggestions as how to get them not to stick I would love to hear from you.  Transparent gesso???

Love the dressform shape, top right, I even bought some lace to glue on.  :D

4. Collage - which was the original purpose that I bought the gelli plate for - so I could make my own papers to use in collage that weren't ones under copyright.

Make a heap of textured backgrounds:

a) Landscape scenes:




Hundertwasser's Red Streets was the inspiration for these:

I love Hundertwasser's use of colour and houses - he would say my houses and streets are too straight...and where are your lollipop trees??? Stayed tuned.....

b) Cards:

I started to print directly onto the cards but I was getting paint on the inside of the card due to messy hands so with the two below I glued the background onto the card then added the shapes and a little more detail is going to be added with paint pens.

c) Altered Playing Cards

These are a lot of work - each card needs to be sanded and gessoed before being glued/collaged and I need to decide if I'm going to put in one hinge ring in the top right corner or two in book style.  Then I need to decide/know do I sell the whole deck at once for one price or break them down into suites.

Well, I've had a lot of fun this week preparing for the Bickley Harvest Festival on 4th and 5th May where I'll be selling my paintings, pendants and prints and tags and cards at Myattsfield Vineyard.  I'm still unsure of prices, even more so after a sales lady said I'd be lucky to get $2 for my prints as she has trouble getting people to pay $1.60 for scrapbooking paper! Confidence shattered after talking to her but she only saw pics from my iphone and I think she may have thought that I was asking her to sell them. After this experience I read an excellent blogpost by Leonie Dawson on How to work out pricing for what you sell.  I'm still unsure of prices even though I've checked out Etsy - not a lot of gelli prints for sale (some 6in squares for $45, I was thinking a lot less for mine), whilst they don't take long to create there is a lot of other time that has gone into making them such as research, education and making and buying tools.  If you have any idea of pricing then please let me know.

I think we are all caught up - I really should post after each arty session but I just haven't had time lately.  Thank you for reading, have a great weekend and stay safe. Love and hugs.

Here are some more of my blogs about my gelli art.

Do you love creating gelli prints?  Want a place to discuss gelli printing?  To show off your work?  Share your ideas? Discuss the pros and cons of different paints/paper/plates/tools etc?  Get some great ideas on what to do with the thousands of prints you have created?

Then I would love you to join me at the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group. This group is open to people who use a Gelli Arts Plate or who make their own gelatin plate.


  1. These are breathtakingly gorgeous! I so love what you've done with the prints. I never tried monochromatic prints ... great idea. Suzanne

  2. Gosh, so many great ideas - my head is spinning! And my hands are itching to get my gelli plate out!

    1. Great, love to see some of your prints, you are more than welcome to join the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group that I admin.


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