Monday, 15 October 2012

Box of Goodies and New Supplies

Just before I left the States I filled up up a box of goodies to mail back as I knew that I would be over the limit with luggage. I was so excited this afternoon when my box arrived.  Here's a few of the things inside it:

Whilst in Michigan Lin took me to Hobby Lobby and Craft 2000 - giant stores full of art and craft supplies. On the weekend I received an email from my favorite art store that it was closing down and it was tiny compared to the American stores - so you see why I was so excited to go to these stores and why I just had to have to have some art treasures that you just can't get in Perth.  Such as Smash Journals - I found out about these at Squam and bought a few products that go with these journals but not the actual journal - seriously, what was I thinking? I should have bought the journal too...sigh...If you are an Aussie you are probably wondering what are Smash Journals - art journals have blank pages and Smash journals have backgrounds already made for you, as well as a pen that is a glue stick at one end for you to glue bits into your journal such as a movie ticket.  Or you could 'smash' something into your journal with washi tape.

I also bought some stamps which I had been looking for in Perth - music sheet and fancy writing. And I was given some stamps and ink from my Squam roommate Finch.  I can't wait to use my new supplies in my art journals and sketchbooks and in my artwork too.

Here's my new stash of washi tape that I picked up on my travels....pretty sticky tape!!!

Whilst in Michigan we went into an antique mall and I thought that I wouldn't buy anything in the store but I found these 'Instant Relatives' - photographs and postcards of people which I loved and an old map for 30 cents!!!  Love!!!  I can't wait to use the photo transfer technique that I learnt in Sarah Ahearn's class at Squam to create some art work with these special pictures.

Postcards cards were other items that I was drawn to whilst on my travels.  Thin and light weight except when you pick up too many of them at ArtPrize (see first photo) and add it to the few you have already bought....

I bought these cards at the Squam Fair from fellow Fly Tribe member - Laura Warecki of Paper Taxi...

And these cards were a gift from Carol Kovach Bray when we met up in Grand Rapids to walk around ArtPrize together....

I also bought this card by Anahata of Papaya...I am not a wild child but sometimes wish I was...

I loved this brown paper bag I received whilst out shopping - how gorgeous is this and so awesome for collaging with...

And here's my bag from Squam...

Have you bought any new supplies recently???  Let me know as I like to keep up to date with the latest supplies....


  1. You got some love treasures Shell, how wonderful to look back on & get creative with. Hope you have settled back in now, that black forest cake looked delicious x

  2. Such fun stuff - you are going to have SO much fun! xo

  3. Looks like you will have lots of fun creating with your new goodies...

  4. What a great haul of loot Michelle! It sure looks like you will be happily busy for quite some time. Sorry we couldn't meet up this time, hopefully next!

  5. Glad to hear you finally got it! Only took 3 weeks! Can't wait to see what you do with them all!

  6. Loved reading this Michelle.It's so fun to get treasures - especially in the post!

  7. How exciting to finally have everything arrive, just like Christmas! I still don't have washi tape, must get some soon; and I really love your stash of items.


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