Tuesday, 1 October 2013

BlogtoberFest2013 Day 1

Welcome to BlogtoberFest 2013, thank you all for joining in.

Talkative Tuesday - tell us about yourself. (Just a suggestion - you can blog about anything you want!  :D)

 This is my view.  I really do live in the bush, in the Perth hills, Western Australia.
In this photo you can see a national park and we get great sunset views as this is a west facing shot.
In 2010 I challenged myself to take a photo of the sunset every night for a whole year and put them onto DeviantArt. And yes, we do have kangaroos in our backyard!

Just a few bits of 'housekeeping' - you only need to pop your blog link into the Linky on the BlogtoberFest 2013 page, you don't need to put a link in each day.

If you need help with adding a button to your blog then try this:

If you are in blogger:

Click on Design, Layout, Add a Gadget.

In the pop up box - scroll down to HTML/Java Script and click on the +

In the Content box copy/paste in the code, then click on Save and then Save Arrangement.

And the button should be on your blog! Let me know if my instructions need more details! 

I don't know about any other blog formats though. 

I'm looking forward to visiting all your blogs.  :D


  1. It's official. I want to come and visit.

  2. What a fantastic view ... I'm jealous!

  3. Wow. I have never been to Perth. What an amazing view!

  4. Ooooo I want Kangaroos in my garden, mind they might get a bit cold in the UK!! we have pheasants and occasionally ducks that are a bit lost, just a few mins from the River Wye here and the odd fox and badger but nothing as exciting as a kangaroo!

  5. Wow kangaroos in the back garden! I would love kangaroos in my back garden, only birds, the odd urban fox, mice and squirrels on occasion in mine. But like Laney says its a bit chilly for them here in the UK. 80))


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