Friday, 4 October 2013

BlogtoberFest 2013 Day 4

Arty Farty Fridays!!!

I thought that on Friday's I'd share with you some of the art I saw whilst on our European Bike Vacation. Many bed and breakfasts and hotels had paintings on the walls though some where plain and boring!

I'll also share some of the art, well, the colouring-in of mandalas and zentangles that I did whilst away.  Being on a motorbike I couldn't take much of anything but took some coloured markers and a home-made smash book, which I had trouble getting into without photos, so I used it to create mandalas - but my circles weren't great so I turned to zentangles. I decided not to take my watercolour pencils with me as I didn't want to put any pressure on myself to produce 'grand works of art'

Hotel/B & B paintings:

At a B & B near Narbonne in France:

Mandalas and Zentangles I created whilst traveling:

I got ideas from the internet and even magazines in laundromats ( next Friday's blog!) and I bought paper and more markers (pink and purple in Tuscany and orange and brown in Prague!) along the way as I found this very relaxing and a little addictive! They are not traditional mandalas/zentangles but more patterns and colouring-in - something I loved to do as a girl - Santa would give me large pictures to colour in and new markers.... #childhoodmemories!

This became something I looked for when photographing on my vacation - the colour of houses in Tuscany and tiles on floors in cathedrals and chateaus...which I'll save to share with you another day.

I like the owl the best...which one do you like?


  1. Such cheerful, colourful work! I love owls so that one is my favourite as well. :D I only took pictures of B&B paintings once, they were originals and totally delightful.

  2. These are lovely, I use to get a book every Christmas as a child full of patterns, I loved them. Couldn't believe it when my friend bought me one for my birthday this year!! So relaxing. (came via blogtoberFest)

  3. One of my favourite Xmas presents every year was a pattern book for colouring in. My mum knows me so well.
    I love your heart drawing :)


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