Monday, 7 October 2013

BF2013 Day 7 Soul Comfort

I won an online course through Sharyn Holmes of called Soul Comfort run by the Brave Girl's Club.  I received the information yesterday and I started today.

"Soul Comfort is a fresh new concept using art and journaling as a means to relax and comfort yourself and to get grounded while dealing with the craziness of every-day living."

Whilst I was traveling recently I started drawing mandalas, zentangles and doodling with markers as a means to relax and comfort myself, to be creative without any pressure on myself to produce a masterpiece.  As you can see in my work below, none of these are masterpieces and some of the ideas are 'stolen' from magazines or tiles or art or windows or walls.

All the supplies for Soul Comfort fit into a tote bag - which is a lot more than what I took with me on the back of a motorbike - but it means I'll be able to grab the tote bag out and put it by my chair at night and journal or colour in or even stitch and pack it all back in the bag and put it in my 'art'/spare/junk room.  And I have a lot of the supplies already such as the journal above which was given to me by my friend Lin and waiting for me to use and now is that time.

So I'm really looking forward to this e-course. What e-courses have you taken this year that you've enjoyed and could recommend?

Left: based on glass plates I saw in Cesky Krumlov, leaves I saw on Pinterest I think, vase from a wall hanging from the 1500's - couldn't take a photo so I did the drawing.

Below: the wall in Berlin that I based the drawing on....

grrr...having trouble with so will upload the drawing later.....

Update: Yeah, I just had to re-start my computer and it's working. *headdesk*



  1. You may not consider them masterpieces, but they certainly are beautiful. The one in the middle especially appeals to me.

    As for online classes, well, nothing from this year springs to mind, but last year I had a subscription for a while and enjoyed several photography courses, especially Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera, and Food and Drink Photography. I don't really do food photography but the instructor was so charming my husband and I watched it for fun.

    [Blogtoberfest participant here, by the way. Thanks for hosting!]

  2. Sounds great! Glad you are using the journal!

  3. Those are great, Michelle! Thanks for sharing about this class!

  4. Oh, that must be a great feeling, to win an online course. I wish you much fun.

  5. I love them! I also know Sharyn! I met her via the cARTwheel art group that I'm a member of here in Brisbane. She is lovely!


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