Saturday, 12 October 2013

BF 2013 Day 12 Love Grows With Giving

Love Grows With Giving....

For my niece as an engagement present....

Love Grows with Giving, Acrylic on Canvas, 51cm x 75cm

After nearly 26 years of marriage this is the advice I would give - that love grows with giving and forgiving.  This giving has to come from the heart and with love and not begrudgingly. We need to forgive and forget trespasses on the other person parts and on our own.

Here are some evolution pics:

I chose Jacobean Florals as I was inspired by these when I was overseas (and I'm hoping to start a new trend in flowers!):

Wall hanging at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London from the Jacobean Era.

Imagine wearing this dress!!!  It was absolutely exquisite and from the Jacobean Era too.

I hope you're enjoying BlogtoberFest 2013 whether you are just a reader or a blogger.


  1. At every pic I say, 'leave it there. I like it that way' but then it gets better and better! I like the new florals! And us "lifers" that are married, all have to agree on what you expressed so well, above.

  2. Beautiful work! I love all the different techniques you’ve been using!

  3. Morning gorgeous painting and I agree the secret to long marriage and everlasting love and friendship is forgiveness and love with a fair bit of laughter and giggling like teenagers, I have 20 yrs to my credit 18 of those married! I love that painting but I have to ask, why the colours underneath, would love to read about your process :)

    1. This is a layering and blocking out technique I have developed from Flora Bowley's workshop. I think it makes the painting more interesting and different. But I am thinking of doing more Jacobean Florals in a more traditional technique.


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