Thursday, 17 October 2013

BF2013 Day 17 Colour in the Bush

Spring has sprung down under and our native flowers are blooming.

This afternoon I took a walk around our block to photograph the beautiful flowers, the Marri trees flowered in March and cause many of us to sneeze. The little orange rocks below are nick named pea gravel and can be very slippery, larger rocks of it are called coffee rock, there is also a lot of granite rocks in the hills whereas down on the flats/plains the ground is very sandy.

Coral vine, grevillea, kangaroo paws, leschenaultia....

Pink and red bottlebrushes, Geraldton Wax.

Marri trees....the new growth is reddish brown on the smaller trees....

English garden.....

I wanted to photograph a stem of purple flowers up near my letterbox but couldn't find them - I think someone has them in a vase in their home! They've been stolen! How would you feel if your artwork was stolen and put onto products without your permission or compensation - read Lisa Congdon's story here - this could happen to any one of us!!!

Update - Cody Foster is also stealing from Abigail Brown and here's a link to a flickr page full of other artists they have stolen from.

Reminder that I'm having a giveaway - if you'd like to win one of my heart pendants then leave a comment on Monday's blogpost!


  1. Oh, kangaroo paws! Of course here in the northern US they are quite exotic. My husband brought some home from the florist a couple of month ago - black ones - and we still have them in a vase. They dried themselves well without any deliberate effort by us.

  2. Red kangaroo paws are the best - love 'em.


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