Saturday, 26 October 2013

BF 2013 Six Thoughts on Saturday

1.  Completed another embroidery patch this afternoon.

2. This morning I visited my old art teacher, Neil Elliott, open studio day to see what he's been up's one of my favourites:

                                                           Artwork by Neil Elliott.

3.  Last night I put the bread oven on, first time in ages and this is what happened!

I tried a new bread mix and may have put too much yeast in there as well, so next time I may even half the packet and see what size loaf I get that way.  It was a lot of work to get it out and clean it up.  Check out tomorrow's blogpost to see what the loaf actually looked like!

4.  I've been zentangling in the evenings too...

5.  I'm having trouble with again....very annoying as you know I like to put my name on case it goes off into the www and gets lost it can find it's way home again....sigh...

6.  Only a few more days of Blogtoberfest 2013 to go and I'm really pleased to hear back from a few of you that you are really enjoying it, that's great news.  Shall we do it all again next year???


  1. I can smell the bread. Yes I will be sad when Blogtoberfest is over but it will be good to have a rest from blogging everyday. I know we can skip days but I set myself a personal challenge to blog everyday. Thank goodness for Wordless Wednesdays. x

  2. Love your zens! I too have enjoyed Blogtoberfest, and have tried to stay right on it, sometimes posting late in the day, but I am glad I did it and stuck with it. Yes, I think we should all meet back here at the end of Sept. and agree to do it all again.

  3. Nice stem stitch! And I plan to play next October.


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