Saturday, 5 October 2013

BlogtoberFest 2013 Day 5

Songs on Saturday.

Avicci - Wake Me Up

I really love the music, esp how it contrasts and I love the lyrics too.

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

That voice!!!

Shane Filan - Everything to Me

aka the jigsaw song...

What songs do you like at the moment?  Any recommendations for music to paint and dance by?


  1. OH! Nick Cave ROCKS!!!
    One of my all time favorite albums is Paul Simons "Graceland". The music is upbeat and I have many happy memories listening and dancing to the songs. I also listen to classic music, particularly Mozart. I've heard that listening to Mozart while working enhances productivity =-)

  2. Great taste in music, especially the last. Loved seeing Westlife in concert so looking forward to seeing Shane. :)


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