Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday's Six Thoughts.

1.  I haven't written a six thoughts blog for a while now.

2.  I started a new painting today on a canvas that will go above our bed - it's 41cm x 126cm or  16" x 50".  The weather was beautiful here in sunny Perth so I painted outside as the canvas is very long and will continue outside especially when I do the dripping as the paint tends to spray everywhere - may have to move to the carport....

No apron and wild and woolly hair!!!

3.  I am grateful for my beautiful surroundings and do count my blessings every day.

4.  Life Book 2012 - has started but I'm running a little behind.  I finally got some watercolour paper on Friday but am unsure of which size to use.  I have downloaded the first video and watched about 10 mins - must get organised.

5.  Are you into Journal writing???  Then check out The Butterfly Collector - artist and illustrator Shae Reid's blog for a free and printable journal page.

Shae writes: This is "POSTCARD"... my first Free and Printable Journal Page for the year. Please print it out along with me onto some lovely smooth paper or card and we are going to write a time travelling Postcard to ourselves sent through space and dated at December 2012. We can tell ourselves all about the amazing year we have had, the things we have acheived and goals and wishes we have completed! You can place it somewhere you can see it or stick it into your own journal. Look at it often to inspire you to take action to make these dreams happen, ask the universe to guide you and imagine your possibilities for 2012!

No sneaky peaks from me - go to her blog and check out her beautiful page.

6.  Check back Monday as I'll be blogging about my one word for 2012 which describes my aim/goal/intention for the year.  My Fly Tribe will be participating in this blog hop to read about each others word - I hope you join us.

At my suggestion February's blog hop will be Shoe Shots - where everyone will take a photo of the favourite shoes/boots etc in what I like to think of as the traditional, creative dowward looking shot that many of my arty friends take.  Even if you're not part of the Fly Tribe you are more than welcome to join in the Shoe Shots Blog Hop - more details in a month.

These are my most favourite shoes ever unfortunately they were coming apart and I had worn them to death - so my shoe shot in Feb will be of my new red shoes - I always wear these or my red Doc Martens to art class.  :D  Love how this pic makes my legs look long!!!  heehehe

Have a great weekend, love and hugs,  Me, Shells.


  1. Looks like a lovely day to paint outside. I can't wait for my summer to do the same. I checked out the color challenge and am thinking about doing it. Looks like a good way to build your skills. That orange does scare me a bit, but that is the whole point...

  2. Your painting looks great - I think you'll have lots of nice dreams as soon as it hangs over your bed ;-))

  3. Thanks so much Michelle! I thought this would be a great way to make a commitment to making collages this year! So excited and hope everyone else enjoy's them too!

  4. All is looking good on your side of the world! I love seeing where this painting ended up. Did I miss something about a shoe photo blog hop? I would love to hook up with you next September for Squam Art workshops...far for you, but would be well worth it!
    You come across as having quite a bit of courage..but this word can only serve you well.
    Ok..just commented on about 3 or 4 blog posts in one sitting. I do enjoy your blog!


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