Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mean Girl - Enemy No: 1

Dear Mean Girl,

You are that nasty voice inside my head that lies to me - my inner critic.
You tell me that I am ugly, unworthy, unsuccessful, untalented, uncreative and not artistic.
You tell me that people will laugh at my paintings, and that they are not good enough to sell, that no one will buy them, so why waste my time painting them.
You are wrong and it is time for you to stop.
I will not be listening to you anymore.
Please leave my head.
Signed, Me

Mean Girl, Mixed Media, 61cm x 76cm or 24" x 30"

Dear You,

You are beautiful, brave and bold.
You are strong, successful and confident.
You are worthy of love, happiness and friendship.
You are artistic, creative and talented.
You are a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
You light up the world with your smile and laughter.
You are blessed.
Big love and bear hugs 
from the Nice Girl 
inside your heart.
Nice Girl, Mixed Media, 61cm x 76cm or 24" x 30"

I finished the Girls today at the painting workshop and am pleased with them even though the mean girl inside me points out all their imperfections.  When I'm able to be parted with them they'll be sold together as a diptych.

I also finished this abstract I've been working on - I rarely do totally abstract works and I really love the colours in this one.  A challenge for further works is to use a monochromatic or neutral colour scheme - something which I may have mentioned months ago.
Under the Sea, Mixed Media, 61cm x 61cm

How does the mean girl affect your life?  Does she have a name?  One blogger calls her Polly...


  1. Great abstract Shell. I really like it. Love the colours.

  2. Hi Michelle, Your work is great, thanks for posting. I was unwell today, so I didn't make it along to the last class. Your girls and the abstract work are fantastic! I would love to get prints of the mean and nice girls for my daughter and myself - maybe when you post them up on redbubble or alternative site let me know so I can order prints. I hope to see you again are you going back to Neil's workshop in June? Cheers Carolyn

  3. Oh Michelle,

    This is great! I love how you stood up to the "mean girl"--I hope she is now silenced for you. Then you "nice girl" looks so peaceful. What a great, great activity. You've now probably given many other artists a good idea! Thank you.


  4. Michelle, I think you read my mind! What a great true soulful post, and the artwork attests to your understanding. I feel so blessed to find a "soul sister" through our KRR class. Wow, can my bad girl beat up your bad girl???? OR maybe they will join forces and escape into the wild....:)


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