Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Terra Morphis Quadriptych

Terra - Land

Morphis - changing shapes

Quadriptych - also called a tetraptych, a group of four images together in a linear manner or arrangement.

My eldest son, Ben, named my latest paintings which are a set of four paintings which look great together and I would love to sell them as a set and not individually.  You will need about 2.5m of wall space to hang them.  :D

Terra Morphis, The Changing Shape of the Land, Mixed Media Quadriptych, 227cm x 61cm

Here they are individually:
Terra Morphis 1, Mixed Media, 30cm x 30cm, 12" x 12"

Terra Morphis 2, Mixed Media, 46cm x 46 cm, 18" x 18"

Terra Morphis 3, Mixed Media, 61cm x 61cm, 24" x 24"

Terra Morphis 4, Mixed Media, 92cm x 61cm, 36" x 24"

Many thanks to everyone at the Neil Elliott Mixed Media/Abstract Painting Work - Neil, thank you for your inspiration, assistance, and encouragement, congrats on the wedding coming up this weekend, and to the other ladies for their praise and encouragement.  I not only had a great time each Wednesday but learnt so much from Neil and the other ladies.


  1. I LOVE these. More and more I find myself drawn to abstracts. I am looking forward to seeing where your workshop leads.

  2. Love your paintings ... they are so nice. I especially love the colours.

  3. These are beautiful! I love the texture and the colors.

  4. I'm really loving these abstract paintings, well done Michelle.


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