Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beverley Art Exhibition

Today, June and I went took our paintings to Beverley, a small country town about an hour or so away, to enter them into the Beverly Art Exhibition which will be held over the Easter weekend.

I have entered Pink Confetti Trees (No.2 not my original one):

Here's a few photos of interesting parts of the town:

At the entrance you'll see a Vampire Jet No. A79-638. This aircraft was a two-seat trainer. Australia built almost two hundred of this type.

Beverley Station Gallery - Built in 1886 in the Victorian Tudor style, the Beverley Railway Station was the hub of activity when Beverley was an important stop on the Perth to Albany passenger line. Closed in October 1984, the Railway Station fell into disrepair, but after much hard work by both the community and council was beautifully restored in 2006. 

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