Thursday, 8 March 2012

Darlington Estate Art & Crafts Market Day

The Darlington Estate Winery in Darlington, Western Australia was buzzing today with the excitement of it's first Art & Crafts Market Day.  With over 20 stalls of beautiful creations from local artisans there was a wide variety to choose from including jewellery, clothing, scarves, hats, art, ceramics, scrapbooking products, cards and the Winery provided scrumptious food and wine. The weather today was gorgeous, bright and sunny yet not too hot - great for browsing/shopping and enjoying a meal.

Children dancing to the music.

I was particularly interested in the Metal Art by Inge - in previous posts I have written about how I was inspired to paint her African Princess and wanted to see her in person and to meet Inge and discuss having one of her metal artworks created for us.

The perfect spot of one of Inge's metal artworks...hint, hint to my hubby...

Here's my painting:

I've added sewing pattern and a wash....still a work in progress...

Congratulations to Michelle Osborne and staff at Darlington Estate Winery and to all the stall holders too for a great market day. Well done. I hope to get organised and have some of my pendants and small paintings ready to sell and have my own stall on the next market day.  :D


  1. Oh my, I didn't realize your painting was that large. She will make a wonderful presence wherever she ends up. I'm looking forward to seeing her when she's completed. And I agree, the metal art would look great hanging by your house with that spectacular view in the background.

  2. What a gorgeous day and fun way to spend it! Inge's metal artworks are gorgeous and I am astonished by the art you are creating. You are definitely on a roll!!


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