Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Painting with Windows

"Painting With Windows" and yeah, that's ok too...

Flora Bowley was talking about mixing colours and mixing enough colour and I said that it can be hard to match it up again if you run out and Flora said "...and that's ok too."

For more on Flora read Donna's blog with great pics too... http://www.donnaheart.com/2011/04/05/on-blooming-true-kamakaze-kookaburras-and-the-value-of-stretching/comment-page-1/#comment-412

Butterfly 5th April 2011 Acrylic on Canvas 60cm x 60cm/24" x 24"

The layer prior to drawing on the butterfly..
Adding tonal contrasts....

This painting was made combining Flora's layering technique and my control freak technique in a technique I call Painting with Windows which has nothing to do with computer windows but it's all about allowing the windows of layered colours to shine through.

I've thought about what shapes would be great to use to allow the windows of colour to shine through after my initial painting had houses and trees in it and have come up with a whole range of things...which I will disclose through my paintings.  So this painting was not a strictly intuitive painting.  I decided before I started that the canvas would have a butterfly on it but then set that thought aside as I began the layering technique.

Flora's technique uses intuitive painting - allowing the painting to tell you what shapes and colours to use.  You need to be able to see those shapes in the painting or keep on painting until you do.  I am not very good at seeing....

Flora's paintings at the end of Saturday:

Flora's paintings at the end of Sunday:

It was amazing to watch Flora paint and to see her transform her paintings.

What would Flora say about my combining her technique with my way of thinking..."and that's ok too."

Sigh, I must get back to the real world...

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