Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lady Flora and I - both in progress.

It was two years ago that I first picked up a paint brush and started playing with my son's acrylic paints and fell in love with painting.  It was one year ago that a friend gave me a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and I tried to recreate  a demonstration/workshop of girly collage by Pam Carriker. Today I was inspired by my love of acrylic paints and texture, girly/lady collage (though there is no collage in this painting) and Flora Bowley's layering technique and artwork to create this painting - still a work in progress.

Lady Autumn Leaves - April 2010 (This was the first face I had ever tried to paint and it turned out wrong so I decided against trying to put any eyes on her.)

Me - 22nd April 2009

For more of the history of my art - paintings and collage - browse through my gallery on Deviant Art:

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