Monday, 16 January 2012

Life Book Portrait Wk 1

I have completed my 3/4 portrait and inner qualities project.  Phew, I'm exhausted - it's tiring trying to sort out all the little things that go wrong, such as the printer printing lines across my photo - so that will have to wait and the paper buckled which I sort of expected as it is watercolour paper - next time I'll tape it down to a board while working on it but for now I'll pop it under some heavy books...

Here it is....mainly acrylic paint on watercolour paper with watercolour pencil and paint pen.

I really enjoyed doing it just don't have the energy or the time to really bling it up.  I used some of my stamping tools and have just realised that the hair parting should look differently on an angle - oh well, she's imperfect like me.....

Here is my box:


  1. hi shells, i love your box it looks great! i have had a line printing problem before. not sure if you are using ps but if it is a print you have saved in photoshop make sure it is not a photoshop file & that it is a jpeg or other saved for print, i printed a ps file & it had lines on it, when i changed it to a jpeg to save for print it was ok with no lines.

  2. What an extremely cool idea! Beautiful work Shells!

  3. I love this box! It's so great. What a fabulous idea.

  4. Well done on completing the first Life book project Michelle it looks great and I love your box it looks like you had a lot of fun painting. I'm hoping to start mine soon.


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