Monday, 23 January 2012

Six Thoughts on Monday

1. Here's my latest work in progress:

2. Last Friday we had an awesome thunderstorm pass over and it hailed.  Here's a pic from the back verandah, not brilliant but I thought you might like to see anyhow:

3. Acceptance - I really related to Kelly Rae Roberts recent blogpost on Letting It Go - along with letting go of something comes acceptance.  Acceptance that I will not be part of Kelly Rae's new Hello Soul, Hello Business course - that I'm not ready for it, that I should have got my Etsy store up and running by now, that my dog died and sort of paralysed me for a while with grief.  It's been really difficult to read blogposts by my friends who are doing the course and to read their posts on facebook - I'm really happy for them and wish them well but can't help feeling a little left out and a little left behind.  That next year I'll be too busy travelling to do the course too, to do much art at all - whilst I look forward to travelling creating my paintings feeds an empty place inside of me.  Acceptance that I'll not likely be part of Flora Bowley's Brave Intuitive You Bloom True e-course as the money from the paintings I sold I used to help out a friend in need. Acceptance that I'll have to wait till June. Both courses take money and time.  I'm focussing on doing what I love - which is painting and when I have time - learning - on the Life Book 2012 Course.  Accepting that I'm blessed in so many others and to focus on these.

4.  On Wednesday I start a new workshop with a local artist on abstract and mixed media painting which will be fun and I will let you know all about it later in the week.

5. Did you know that my avatar comes from this painting I created last June?  She Let Love Go - more on the letting go theme....

She Let Love Go

6. So I'm a little late with my six thoughts on Saturday or Sunday - better late than never.  Hope you will forgive me.  Have a great week.


  1. Michelle, We had a bad thunderstorm on Friday night as well and we live up high on a hill so we got hit pretty badly. My car was out in the driveway instead of the garage when the hail hit but it survived thankfully. Lots of big gum trees had fallen in our area. In regards to feeling a bit left out of the new course I can relate but I don't believe we should have taken it if we didn't feel ready. I really love your "She let love go" painting.

    1. Glad to know your car is ok. Thanks.

  2. Michelle, I know where you're coming from.... I have felt this too.. You sound like you're on the right track though and your paintings are lovely. Know that you're where you're meant to be right now with the resources you have : )

  3. Hi Michelle, i also felt like i might be missing out too but definately did not feel ready for it yet, i felt it was more important for me to focus on a few other things before getting to that point. I think you are right the most important thing is to do what you love, learning along the way, when you have the time. Thanks for sharing so honestly x

  4. Michelle your latest painting is great! Your paintings are getting stronger and stronger and I can really see your development in your work. The time you're putting into your painting is definitely showing and your work is shinning (O:
    Try not to dwell on what you havn't been able to do this year, rather use your energy to focus on those that you are able to do, and wow, travelling next year sounds absolutely awesome, your art will grow again from all the inspiration you'll soak up abroad.
    I was also feeling a bit disappointed not long ago as I really really really desperately wanted to do the surface pattern design course as this is where I see me taking my illustrative work in the future, I even have a friend who's a pattern maker and wants my illustrations on fabric to start sewing into things!! So, naturally I was like I so need to and want to do this course! Why can't I just will it to happen??? But, there was no way I was able to find the money to do it. Something was a miss with this, I still have no idea what, it seemed like the next perfect step forward for me. But for whatever reason I'm not meant to do it right now, I just had to face facts and accept it. What I have thrown myself into is my painting, and I've loved it. I am also incredibly grateful for the oportunity to do the one and only course I'll most likely get to do this year which is one I committed myself to last year and I just trust that this is where I am meant to be for now.
    Sorry for such a long comment, yes that's me, as you probably know by now (o"
    Just know in your heart that things happen for a reason. Sometimes we don't always understand why but we just need to trust it and move on ahead happily.
    Keep up the painting, it's fabulous!
    Liza xxx

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Liza.

  5. Michelle, big hugs (I hope you can feel that all the way in Australia). You have done so much and created an entire new line with your trees. You should be very proud. Paths are created by a universe that is much bigger than ourselves. It sound like you are choosing to embrace the path that has laid before you and for that I am so very happy - even though it may not be easy nor what you wanted - please, enjoy the ride!

  6. Michelle, I am not taking the KRR Hello Soul, Hello Business either. I could not justify spending the money for it. Sometimes it's better not to know the "rules" and find our own way. The Flora class looks like so much fun,but I am still on the fence about that one. I think it's good to make peace with what we want to do - but can't...but don't let not taking those classes hold you back, your artwork is beautiful!

  7. Michelle, I so get where you are coming from. So many opportunities, limited resources (time and money) as well as our attention spans! It can feel so overwhelming, and I think we are much too hard on ourselves, expecting too much too soon. I'm trying to enjoy the process/journey more and tell my Left Brain to be quiet and let me work! Best of luck with your Etsy shop and let us know when you get to that point!


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