Monday, 30 January 2012

Six Thoughts on Monday

1.  My latest painting is finished and hanging on the wall but I'm having trouble photographing it.  this pic obviously has a flash on but without the flash I get a bad photo too - just have not had good enough light to photograph it in.

2.  On Friday I picked up some paintings from the framer's and hung them on the wall....

3. I also picked up my Mr Owl print from Deborah Velasquez which she sent me as a thank you gift for helping her out with a few ideas for Mr Owl.

4. We had friend's over on Saturday night for a barbecue so my Hubby hammered some painting hooks into the walls and turned our house into an art gallery...

Shelly Beach, a collage I created in 2010 is on the left and one of my Pink Confetti Tree paintings on the right.

Going up the spiral staircase into the loft/kids activity room...more paintings...

5.  Beautiful sunsets this past week...

Saturday 28th January 2012.

Thursday, 26th January 2012.

6.  Today I discovered an online magazine Paper Runway and saw advertised on that page another online magazine which I bought at the newsagent this morning - I prefer the hard copy to the online copy and my son is reading it at the moment...

The Artist's Guide to Illustration - 2011

Hope your weekend was great and that you have an awesome week.


  1. I loved the tour of your home gallery. Your art is beautiful.
    I loved the spiral staircase.

    Looking forward to visiting again soon.

  2. Hey I made the blog!!! Thanks so much! The Owls have found a lovely home and family to nest with. Love ya!


  3. I love your paintings hung up in your house! Your pink confetti trees are great! Also, adore your spiral staircase:) When you photo them, do you keep the glass in them? If you are able to take them out, that might help.

    Also, thank you for pictures of the beautiful scenery.


  4. What a fabulous idea to convert your house into an art gallery :) What a handy hubby too :) Your paintings are gorgeous. I'm gathering your son has some of your talent too!

  5. You have such a beautiful clutter free house. It's so nice, I already saw. Pictures of your kitchen and how sunny and bright that is. I love the color you painted on your mantle wall. The spiral staircase is gorgeous and your art well, I hate to break it to you, but your art, well it would great anywhere! So not surprising that your house looks like a bright gallery!

    I wish I could attain that level of simple brightness, but with three teenage girls, clutter free zone in our house doesn't exist! I love how you share your passions with all of us!


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