Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Three Packages Arrived Today

I've been trading gifts with friends around the world this year and I received three packages today.  One had a Kelly Rae Roberts figurine in - these are not available in Australia as far as I know and Kelly Rae doesn't ship internationally.  I traded a couple of my pendants for her.

I received this beautiful painting from Leanne Fry who I met in March this year at the Flora Bowley Painting Workshop at Nanga, Perth, Western Australia.  You may recall that I gave one of my paintings to Dixie who I met at the same workshop.

I also received some beautiful ornaments:

as well as a calendar, watercolour painting journal and some more ornaments....I'm so spoilt.  :D

I hope you all receive some nice gifts in the next week.


  1. Your gifts are just beautiful ... how nice to receive such lovely things in the mail.

  2. Wow--what a beautiful bunch to receive! Christmas already!


  3. hey Michelle great blog im doing Flora's on line class in Jan cant wait would have loved to do one in person....



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