Thursday, 22 December 2011

Facebook Local Arts and Crafts Group

Yesterday I sold this painting through my local arts and crafts market group on Facebook.  I have only sold a few paintings to my aunt and a few of my pendants through my personal Facebook page.  some people sell heaps of their art through their personal page but not me so I was glad to find another avenue to sell my art through.

People in my local area in the Perth hills have made the following Facebook groups:

Arts and Crafts Markets - handmade goods
Buy, Sell, Swap, Free - secondhand goods
Community Events
Fire Awareness
Hills Business Women
Trades and Professional Services

How many neighbourhood groups are you part of? 

Do you have an arts and crafts group for your local area? 

Why not join it and show your arts and crafts and even make a few sales.  If you don't have one then start one, invite all your local friends to join and advertise in one of your other local facebook groups.

I only upload photos of paintings that I have at home, and I wait for people to ask for a price before giving it out but I did start an album in which I gave a price range and for all paintings I give a medium and a size.  You could state 'special Facebook price $X'.

Go for it!!  Have fun!!!  Sell a few paintings!!!  :D


  1. Great idea! The more exposure the better. My goal for 2012 is to actually finish a painting and sell it! It is time...
    Happy holidays to you and yours xox

  2. As always I love your painting .... beautiful colours. What a great idea .. selling art work on facebook.


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