Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Trashed a Treasure

Confession time:  Yesterday I chucked a wobbly and trashed a perfectly good painting because it wasn't right.

Translation:  I threw a tantrum and ruined a good painting. 

I don't have photos of all the layers which is a real shame because this painting has the most layers of any painting I've ever painted.  I've decided to stop here even though I'm sick to death of painting these flowers...


On Sunday - I really loved all the stamping and the dripping:

At Monday Morning Art Group I decided to draw a banksia leaf on it as I had been working on these previously:

I was also trying to use some different colours - more pastelly, more muted but retreated back to to blue.  I didn't like how the leaf turned out so I tried to fix it but felt that I had ruined it so I trashed it and then covered it in prussian blue, white and yellow and did more stamping on it.   Then I covered it in these stripes...

Then painted on my flowers and leaves...

Then blinged it up:

And this is what it looks like now:

Everything is a learning process and the more I paint the more I find out what I love to do when I paint.

I love to stamp.

I love to add dripping lines.

I love dots.

I love to outline everything - several times - it neatens everything up for me - though sometimes my lines are a bit dodgy/wobbly.

I'm learning to let go...slowly....baby steps...


  1. love the description of your process. As always, no one else would know but you how your baby started out and finished. It's your vision. Very grand. Bravo!!!!
    Rhonda Franks

  2. I really love the flowers...maybe I am just partial to flowers. But, I do really like your painting! I too have had recent frustrations and do overs. It is interesting to learn that you don't love something and that you need to change it. It is amazing to me that as artists we really do have to create from our hearts and often, at least for me, we leave a little piece of ourselves in our work. I am always so impressed by your layers of paint and the time and colors. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am totally amazed at where this started and where it ended up - thanks for showing all of these photos of the process. It just reminds me that when I don't like the way one of my creations is going, I just need to add more layers! I love how this turned out!

  4. Wow...what a transformation. I think it is good to write down what you love to do and incorporate those into all your paintings.Its funny how easy it is to forget where you want to head (does that make sense?) I tend to get carried away and find myself getting stuck in old habits. I really liked the way you worked through this one! Julie

  5. Well this is a whole new direction, however it came about, I’m in love with this painting! It reminds me of a tiffany lamp or a church stained glass window. It’s gorgeous! Congratulations!

  6. I can relate! Each painting is a journey and learning process. I love the way it turned out, well done, its beautiful!


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