Monday, 5 December 2011

heART Exchange Gift Swap

Today I received these beautiful pieces of silk art from Suzanna Leigh - they are just gorgeous - thank you so much to Suzanna and to Louise Gale from Your Heart Makes a Difference for organising the swap.

Today at Monday Morning Art Group I worked on my new butterfly girl - still a long way to go though...

Today was also my 24th wedding anniversary so here's a pic of me as a bride with my handsome husband - please remember this was 1987 and big fuzzy hair was all the rage.

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments and support.


  1. Those pieces of silk art are just beautiful ... what a lovely thing to receive. I love your butterfly girl ... it's just beautiful. Happy Anniversary.

  2. So pretty! The silks, the paintings and the bride.
    Happy anniversary!

  3. What beautiful items to recieve in your swap! Many congrats on your anniversary. Clare x

  4. YAY so glad you enjoyed the swap. Have a fabulous week and Happy Anniversary. xx

  5. Happy Anniversary! I remember those big hair days, giggle. Love the silks and the progress you are making on your painting.


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