Saturday, 17 December 2011

In Progress or Finished?

I'm loving the direction this painting is going which is great compared to the last painting which I wrote about here.

I love seeing the stages of other people's paintings that they go through so here are mine:

I said in my last art blog:

I love to stamp.
I love to add dripping lines.
I love dots.
I love to outline everything - several times - it neatens everything up for me - though sometimes my lines are a bit dodgy/wobbly.
And that is what this painting has...I'm still looking at it and deciding whether I should add anything to the foreground - hmmm bubble wrap in quinacridone magenta......maybe.....

What do you think?


  1. Michelle - I love that your lines are dodgy/wobbly. :) The lines of the trees are so bold and soft at the same time. I really like this piece.

  2. Very cool! I do think more could be done to the bottom part - but the top is truly fantastic!!!

  3. Thanks Mary, I have added some shadows to the bottom and will have a pic in tomorrow's blog. :D

  4. Just gorgeous. Each stage is stand alone gorgeous . Your soul shines through !


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