Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday's Six Thoughts

1. Jill Lambert interviewed me for her blog 'This Moment' - you can read it here and find out more about me.

2.  It's hot here - 37C/100F.  First swim of the season for me yesterday in our pool/water resource in case of bushfire and need to pump water on to the house/trees.

Yes, I really do live in the bush, not the outback though.  :D

3.  I've been working on some mood boards this weekend - such a lot of fun.

4. 5th December is our 24th wedding anniversary - so yesterday we went to lunch - very nice - trio of dips, chips with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream and salt and pepper squid - to share.

5.  Shall work on my butterfly girl tomorrow during art class - expecting Dixie from the Flora Bowley painting workshop to pop in for coffee.  Have you heard that Flora has a new online e-course???  It's going to be awesome!!!

6.  Love this quote - want to put it into a painting.

“To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart,
and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.”
~ Arne Garborg (1851-1924)


  1. I just popped over the Jill's page. Great interview! I'd love to do Flora's online class. I'm pondering...

  2. Happy Anniversary .... love the swimming pool ... how nice. Great for the hot weather.

  3. Hi Michelle! Happy Anniversary to you:) Your pool is beautiful as well as the mood boards--I love those--they really set a tone/feeling and do inspire.


  4. Looks like a wonderful place to live - you will have to show us more pics of your surroundings! I am anxious to see the Butterfly Girl as you continue creating - she already is looking wonderful!


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