Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How do you create your art?

My online art buddy, Lin, asked me how I made the pages in the 27 Dresses art journal, so I said I would put up some pics to explain how.

This is the book I am using:

For this page I sponged on acrylic blue and green paint, for Pretty in Pink and Fried Green Tomatoes I washed on acrylic paint and covered it in crinkled glad wrap and let it dry.
I then painted in a washing line (which was Lin's great idea) and glued on the dresses and the paper napkin butterflies using Golden's soft gel matte medium. 

Then I added some final touches to the dresses using acrylic paints and pens, and then wrote the words.

The Blue Dahlia - I know I have a lot of faults but being in love with you isn't one of them, is it?

The Purple Rose of Cairo " I just met a wonderful man.  He's fictional but you can't have everything!"

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