Friday, 4 March 2011

First Post

I'm having a hard time working all this out.  Will all the effort be worth it?  Most of it doesn't make sense.  I'd like to add my own background image,  I'd like some tabs below the title: Home About Gallery...I'll work it out later, time to go have some lunch and do the ironing....

Here's a photo of last night's sunset...

8th June 2011 Update....many people are reading this first post which I realise now is quite boring....if you have visited my blog and have been to a Flora Bowley workshop and have blogged about it then I'd love you to leave me a link as I love to see what others have created through Flora's workshop.

I started this blog to connect with other artists and to show off the process of my art which I find interesting in other artists work.  I'd love to read your comments and visit your blog too.

Thanks, Michelle.

Me with the paintings I created at the Flora Bowley 'Bloom True' Painting Workshop in March.


  1. YAY!! Congrats on your first post and blog! It does take a while to get it all 'just so' and you'll probably change the colours and layout a few times before it feels right. You can import templates with tabs on it - a friend added hers (not too difficult if you know a bit of html?) And there are tutorials on the web... I cant wait to see how it all grows Michelle - congrats!

  2. Thanks Donna, finally worked a few things out, and found your comment today too.


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