Thursday, 24 March 2011

Flora Bowley

The Flora Bowley Painting Workshop at Nanga, Dwellingup in Western Australia last weekend was totally amazing. Flora and the seven other ladies who attended were all beautiful, giving, creative and talented people who I am so grateful to have met and feel so blessed to have had this experience with.

Flora's painting are abstract, intuitve imagery, full of colour, energy and layers.  These are the painting Flora created over the weekend and it was so wonderful to watch the process unfold and turn into something so stunning.

Me with Flora and Donna Heart.

More photos of Flora are on my deviant art site:

My paintings have more of a geometrical rather than flowing feel.  I'm looking forward to creating more paintings and loosening up in my style and being more free and daring and not so precious with my paintings.

June 8th...Update....if you have visited my blog and have been to a Flora Bowley workshop and have blogged about it then I'd love you to leave me a link as I love to see what others have created through Flora's workshop.  Thanks Michelle.


  1. Hey lovely! I just checked out your photos at your deviant site - and wow - you have some awesome sunset ones there! I'm still basking in the glow of the weekend and trying to gather my thoughts to write a blog post - I know a bit slack - although I have had a looong list to do lately :) I started 2 30x30 inch paintings today and 6 10x10 inch paintings as well - which I'm really happy with so far - so fingers crossed!!! I cant wait to see some more of your creations too ok!!!Isn't it great to have 'real' people to share this with ;)
    X Donna

  2. Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing your paintings and am making plans to see your exhibition in June.

  3. Those are beautiful paintings!!

  4. Oh wow, I love the colour in the paintings. It's superb. I love the strong definition and sharp lines too. Isn't it amazing how everyone who does Flora's workshop ends up creating such different work. I think that's the amazing thing. Part of me wanted to end up with something amazing like the work that Flora creates but part of me was so happy to come away with my own strong, bold pieces to.

  5. Thanks Cathy,yes it is amazing how everyone creates something individual and unique and beautiful, including your work.

  6. Gorgeous paintings! Looks like a lovely workshop!

  7. Hey! Found you while lusting after flora bowley paintings! I just started my own blog.... LOVE. YOURS. I'd love input, criticism, advice, etc... please see me at Thanks! Looking forward to getting to know you!


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