Monday, 14 March 2011

Crackle Paste at Monday Morning Art Group

Each Monday morning I go to a community based art group.  There's about 5 regulars and we show up with our work in progresses and get on with it, calling out for help whenever we need it or for an opinion when required.  We have a group co-ordinator/teacher which was me last year but not this year, but we all teach and learn from each other.  We all bounce ideas off of each other and inspire each other too.

A fortnight ago I showed the group the background for this painting and we discussed which way round it should go and I told them which way round I was thinking and then Sandra suggested the city outline, which I did in charcoal.  I've come to love this painting.

Reflections of a City

This week I worked with another lady showing her how to add inks to crackle paste: using a water bottle spray the crackle paste area and then drop inks onto the crackle paste.  You may need to spray more water or use paper towel to mop up excess, and use a paintbrush or tilt the board to move the inks around.  I'm thinking of making a video on how to do this as what I've seen on youtube about crackle paste is dreadful.

Broken Hearted
Crackle paste is expensive but you never how it's going to crack or how the inks are going to spread out.  I absolutely love this technique, it is so much fun to do.  Give it a go and let me know how it turns out  :D .

Crackle Vase

5:30pm Update:  just added the background colour and gloss varnish to these leaves.
Crackle Autumn Leaves

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  1. I love your examples... AND Crackle Paste! Thanks for following me blog!


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