Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shell's Sunday Snippets

I have come down with a cold and am feeling really tired - I should just down tools and go to bed but I keep on going.... I have been working on some large paintings for an exhibition at the end of October but decided this weekend was not the best time to be working on them so I decided to make some bunting as it seems to be popping up in my art circles.  What am I going to do with them???  Well I make take them with me to Squam Fall to decorate my cabin/Squam.

They all have postive, inspiring works on them such as Be Bold, Be Brave, Love, Trust....

I hung them up over our fireplace to see how they looked and my husband got very worried that I was redecorating the house which gave me an idea for decorating our house for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in December...

They were very easy to make - I started out using some watercolour paper that I had painted on with leftover paint a few weeks ago, I also used scrapbooking paper and have some collaged and painted flags drying. I decorated them all with gold dots  to tie them all in and give them a similiar feel.

I used a hole punch to make holes in them all and threaded them with twine/string giving them an organic/natural feel.  They can be made in any size you like, I didn't want them too big and wanted to get the most out of my papers.

On Wednesday Neil Elliot's Mixed Media Workshop started up again and here are the beginnings of some artwork...

I did some carving into a painted wood block and then put a wash over it.  I don't like my end product but this was my first time using new tools and it was totally experimental. If you have a design in mind then this is good technique.

I went out to lunch with my husband on Friday whilst the rain had stopped and the sun was shining - this afternoon we have wild weather here - high winds and rain.

Brewer's Tasting Plate for Two:

We had one beautiful sunset this week...

Playing along with {tinniegirl} and {sunday snippets} - you week in pictures but mine came with words this week.  :D


  1. Such a creative week! The mixed media looks like fun, it's on my list of "stuff to try"!

  2. I love the idea of making the bunting! It looks amazing, and it made me laugh when your husband thought you were redecorating! It's the kind of thing mine would say too!
    Lovely post and fab photos!

    Rachelle x

  3. Digging your bunting! I made some bunting for Easter and for an in-studio retreat. Then for my birthday, I had a wild dream about the entire neighborhood being decked out with flags, bunting, and streamers. Fun!

  4. Claire richardson10 June 2012 at 18:22

    Michelle... you are just awesome... loving everything you are doing gorgeous... XXXXX

  5. Looks like you've been very busy :) Love the buntings...great idea for my daughter's next birthday. Not happy to hear about the awful weather :( I'm heading that way soon and was hoping it would be warmer than here....

  6. I love buntings and sunsets. Happy Sunday!

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your technique. So cool! I hope you feel better soon. Take care...:)

  8. I've been crocheting a bunting...I do love the gold dots on yours. Wonder what would happen if I did the same with my yarnies? Mixed media crochet...why not?

  9. What an interesting and creative week you have had

  10. Pretty bunting, cool new art & delicious looking food. Great mix for your week. :)


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