Tuesday, 19 June 2012

heArt exchange

Last month I participated in Louise Gale's Your Heart Makes A  Difference heArt exchange, creating a gift from the heart and sending it out into the world.

I sent a mixed media girly portrait to Jill, A Thousand Shades of Grey as during May I spent a lot of time creating faces.  This is a likeness of Jill, not a portrait/exact replication of her but a painting she will recognise as herself (does that make sense?).  I used texture paste for the hair, first time for me, and that has a great effect and must use it more often - needs to dry overnight and I lack patience.  The scrapbooking papers which I collaged on have words on them or butterflies as Jill is a writer.

Jill is much prettier than in my painting..

I received this beautiful notebook from Jill, which is just what I need to take with me to Squam Fall 2012 in September to write and draw in....

On the inside there is a wish/dream pocket to  pop your wishes and dreams into:

Many thanks to Jill for making the notebook and to Louise for organising the heArt exchange - love and hugs to you ladies.

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