Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Inspirational Paper Bunting Flags

I shared some of my bunting flags on my Shells Sunday Snippets blogpost but I thought I would show them all to you and give you a mini-tutorial to answer some of your questions.

1. Make a template using thin cardboard from a cereal box - mine are 13cm/5" wide and 21cm/8 1/2" long:

You could make square or rectangles....

2. Collage and or paint some watercolour/scrapbooking paper.

Here I have glued old sewing patterns on to watercolour paper then I painted an acrylic wash over it.

I added some gold dots and inspirational words to mine.

3. Use you template to cut out your bunting flag shape and then hole punch some holes in it:

4. Then thread some string/twine through the holes - I found that they hung beautifully without the need of gluing.

Here they are hanging up:


  1. Very inspiring, this looks so great! Thanks for the tutorial. Might be fun to do with the kids ..... Summer vacation just started!

  2. gorgeous work Michelle, love the colour and tute you've shared for us all. Sorry I;ve been quite, ahhh busy busy first half of this year. Looking forward to a more calmer pace for the second half of this year and also getting into more of my own work in a productive way rather than study and organizing. keep up the fabulous work Liza xxx


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