Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shell's Sunday Snippets in the Bush

 Yes, I really live in the bush!!  One of my online friends said after seeing a pic on my Facebook page 'Oh, so you really live in the bush!!

Patio/pergola area with grapevines and wisteria - facing south/west.

First layers... (facing North - and of course my sunset photos face West.)

After a couple of layers...

These large canvases are for an exhibition at the end of October....

I finally got an iPhone...say goodbye to the Brick.

Found some more of the same themed scrapbooking paper...

So that was basically my week in pics....joining in with {tinniegirl} and sunday snippets.


  1. I love your patio area. As per your i-phone, be careful. Highly addictive ;-) I had my nokia for the longest time too... only in the past couple of years did I upgrade to an i-phone. Beautiful creative work.

  2. I just got an iphone this past winter and I LOVE it! Love your new paintings. CREATE was such an enjoyable experience for me and I loved meeting some of the artists that I kept hearing about.

  3. It's such a horrible time of the year for colds and lurgies. Hope you're all better soon!


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