Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday's Six Thoughts

1.  Woke up this morning to this dark grey sky - love it when the sun shines from behind.

2. Pleased with my purchases this week of the vintage cases which I have turned into treasure boxes. Also pleased that my business cards arrived too.

3.  My paintings which I sent to the York Art Awards did not sell and am still debating on whether to enter into another award show as the entry fee is very high at $35, DAF was $20 and York was $15.

4.  We bought a mattress this morning and it has been delivered but needs to go on the bed - I could do with a nap!!!

5.  I'll make plum pie instead.  I use to bake all the time before I discovered art.  Wish I had the same passion for exercise.

6.  Friday is a public holiday this coming week - Queen's birthday - she will be in Perth for the Commonwealth Heads Of Goverment Meeting (CHOGM) - Hoping to spend some time painting on Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Best kind of sky to take pictures under! No shadows, just gorgeous diffused light.


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