Saturday, 8 October 2011

York Art Awards

No, I didn't win anything  :( not that I expected to, just hoping to sell a painting - will find out next weekend when they get picked up.  It was great to see all the beautiful paintings, the award winner was   Carmen McFaull's  Footprints in the Sand

Here are the paintings that I entered in...

Hope you are having a great weekend....let me know.  :D


  1. I always lobe you paintings, they are so full of life and the vibrant colors speak to me of a joyous heart.

    In these paintings what I see is stained glass windows like no other stained glass windows. It's like your paintings show the surreal concept of what the sun shining though COLOR would really look like.

    Inspired work, as usual, congratulations!

  2. Your paintings are beautiful, I really like them. These 2 are just stunning. Thank you for sharing them. Found your blog through Blogtoberfest.

  3. That butterfly is pretty awesome. You have no fear when it comes to color! That is so great.

  4. Thanks Lotti and Deborah - I do love colour - will have to challenge myself to paint in neutrals or soft tones one day....


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