Thursday, 20 October 2011

Vintage Cases now Treasure Boxes

I picked up these vintage cases cute.

What am I going to do with them?

Well, they are only small so I think I will make the small one my box full of treasures and the other one will be my box full of art treasures - you know those things that you buy and take home and put somewhere safe and then forget about them or can't find them and wonder where they are???    Yeah, those things, except now I need to go find those treasures and when I do find them I'll show you.

Here are some of my treasures...shells (surprise, surprise), feathers, leaves, seedpods/honky nuts, my favourite scrapbooking papers and jewelry/bookmark beads given to me by friends.  I had started this collection before attending the Flora Bowley Painting Workshop in March where Flora asks us to bring our treasure box with us and I added more bits whilst I was there.

What makes a treasure a treasure???

For me, each of my treasures has some sort of significance, importance or meaning to me.  Many of the feathers and leaves I collected whilst walking my dog Tessa, so now they have more significance.  The feathers on the left hand side, the red/orange and black one s are from Carnaby's Red Tailed Black Cockatoo which are rare and love this area to eat, screech and 'destroy' the gum trees.  Shells, well with a name like Michelle, I have always loved shells but these days I try my hardest not to collect them from the beach anymore, the jewellery and beads were given to me by friends.

So, what is in your treasure box?


  1. I love these little cases, they are so nice. It's nice to have something lovely to store all the things that you really love in. Even thought their smaller they somehow remind me of the old fashioned school cases. Different colour of course,but similar style.

  2. Oooh Michelle I love your treasure boxes, I have lots of treasures packed away in boxes too, it's so much fun to pull them out & rediscover things past :)

  3. Sally and I were just talking about little cases like that. I love them! Now I need to go find some! :D

  4. Thanks for the pics, I love your vintage cases! Perfect for your lovely treasures :) xo

  5. Thanks Lotti, Chelle, Anon and Nel. When I saw these cases I had to have them as I knew how hard they can be to find.


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