Friday, 28 October 2011

Kanchan's Collages

I first met Kanchan Mahon on DeviantArt over a year when I was creating collages and we joined the mutual admiration society. This is how Kanchan describes her process.

I work with paper, cutting images to create unique new handmade art.  My work is colorful, energetic and draws on past artwork in a new way. By cutting vintage or antique images, I create a focal point around which I form compositions with themes of rebirth, transformation and empowerment. My inspiration is right outside my door. I draw on nature to portray the beauty and fruitfulness of life.
I have ordered a print through her DeviantArt Print Gallery and can't wait for it to arrive and will post a pic of which one when it does. All sales made between 9/7/11 and 12/31/11 will benefit flood victims of Binghamton, New York. But for now, here's a sample of her beautiful work.

I've spent several fun though challenging hours blinging up her blog and website so check out Kanchan's Blog and become a follower and take a look at her Dream Images by Kanchan Mahon website to view more of her unique, handmade creations.

The Mother by Kanchan Mahon
Wear You Rue With A Difference by Kanchan Mahon


  1. Awesome sauce! I am so honored Michelle! You are the sweetest-bestest-friend ever! Today, despite distances two friends can join forces despite being literally polar opposites, It’s 12 hr difference from New York to your lovely place in Australia and still wonderful things have happened. That’s exactly as far away as you can get … literally the other side of the globe!

    And your work is an inspiration to me! I love looking at your simply gorgeous paintings and mixed media pieces! So lovely! Your face and your work both bring a huge goofy smile to my face EVERY time!

    I wish I could say some more about his lovely lady Shells!

    ...but I gotta go to work!

    Later, K

  2. Thanks K, your friendship means a lot to me too.

  3. What beautiful work ..... absolutely gorgeous. It seems in this electronic age we are all closer than we think.


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