Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday's Six Thoughts

1.  I forgot to do 6 thoughts yesterday...

2.  Power back on after being off for a couple of hours due a pole top fire - thought I might be writing this blog tomorrow.

3. Free giveaway on my friend Liza Zeni's blog of a Bepsoke magazine - so go check it out - awesome illustrations and articles.

4.  More great news about Life Book 2012 is that my friend from the Magically Mixed Art Community  Tracy Verdugo is going to be one of the teachers - which is awesome!!

5.  There is no Monday Morning Art Group this week due to school holidays but I will be heading to my art buddy's house on Thursday for a few hours of painting.

6.  Hope to do some more work on my Life Book box this week.

Hope your weekend is going well, take care, love and hugs, Sox.

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